Energy Bites

This year, I have made a new commitment and investment in my health. It’s been a journey for me – starting with weight loss as my primary goal 7 years ago, I am now ready to get even healthier. My initial goal in 2010 was weight loss and cardiovascular fitness, then I moved to heartRead More

Healthy Granola

I love to start my day with delicious bowl of vanilla yogurt topped with some healthy granola. Granola can offer so many health benefits – the fiber, the protein and the whole grains. The downside? They are often loaded with sugar. And most of don’t know when to stop (or maybe I am just speakingRead More


Who doesn’t struggle with weekly meal planning? With 2 very active boys, and 2 full-time working parents, the evenings from 5pm-9pm can be some of the most trying times of our day. We are usually battling our kids to eat, bathe and get to bed at a reasonable hour. I relish in the my firstRead More