New mission statement for 2024

For all my clients, I wish you all, A Happy and especially healthy New Year.

Looking forward to this new year, I’m doing more research and development, in the search for longevity, and health. Working and following different doctors and professors that are experts in this field, like Professor Sinclair, Dave Asprey, Andrew Huberman, Mark Hyman, Steven Gundry and others, who are very knowledgeable in the aspect Of Food And nutrition.

The Standard American Diet Is completely wrong.

I, Chef Humphrey Morbeck, would like to make a change in the private chef industry and to start “A Private Chef Institute for Longevity and Wellness”.

We need to focus more on Wellness, and health for our clients. The food needs to look and taste great as well but out main concentration should be on where the food is coming from. Instead of using seed oils, farm raised Fish, and Grain Fed Beefs, we should use avocado oils, coconut oils, extra virgin olive oil as well as wild caught fish and grass-fed beef only.

After being in the chef industry for more than 43 years, professionally, I concluded that the food industry is not caring about our health and our well-being. They’re only care about profits. After being a private chef for more than 25 years I came to the realization that, chefs have a huge responsibility towards our clients. We need to become healers as well, responsible in helping our clients. That doesn’t stop only buying organic produce but checking all labels for poisonous ingredients, and preservatives, to keep our clients out of the hospital and disease free.

Let’s join with me to accomplish this goal!

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Our elite team can help you cater private events or plan, and prep healthy meals for your busy lifestyle. We offer fresh, clean ingredients from local farms whenever possible and are prepared to have an enjoyable meal time with friends, family, and co-workers.Elite Wellness’s menu offerings are the perfect solution for food allergies, the paleo diet, weight loss, special occasions, or just because you crave a unique and delicious dining experience.

Why Elite Chef Wellness?

  • Affordable healthy meals delivered to you every day 
  • Organic and healthy preparation with emphasis on your specific dietary needs
  • The works, organic, wild-caught fish, none GMO preservatives, grass-fed meats, pastured organic eggs, local Farmers’ Market produce, and homegrown herbs and produce
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Chef Humphrey Morbeck is a personal chef and the owner of Elite Wellness Chef Services. His story, however, starts at the Municipal Technical School of Breda, Holland. After acquiring his degree, Chef Morbeck would continue his education in specialized diets while working at the Residentie Molenwijck, an upscale retirement home. Here he excelled at addressing the individual tastes and needs of the very particular residents of Molenjwick. Yet, Chef Morbeck felt unfulfilled, and that he had more to offer to the world. With a bittersweet goodbye, Chef Morbeck came to sunny Southern California.

Upon arriving in CA, Chef Morbeck found a job in the city working as a line cook in an Italian restaurant. From these humble beginnings in a new country, his remarkable talent and charisma would bring him into the company of A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and prestigious restauranteurs like Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Soon Chef Morbeck’s name was being whispered among Hollywood’s elite and soon Elite Wellness Chef Services was born.


Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to see turned into a healthier dish? Perhaps a favorite bread transformed into a gluten-free loaf? Or maybe you’d just like to have Chef Humphrey Morbeck deliver the most exquisite meal you’ve ever had right to your door.