Energy Bites

This year, I have made a new commitment and investment in my health. It’s been a journey for me – starting with weight loss as my primary goal 7 years ago, I am now ready to get even healthier. My initial goal in 2010 was weight loss and cardiovascular fitness, then I moved to heart health, and tried to lower my blood pressure. I was successful and was even able to discontinue my use of antihypertensive medications in 2015! In 2011, I became a pescatarian, eliminating beef, chicken and pork from my diet, and only consuming fish 1-2x a week. In 2012 and 2013, I was focused on increasing my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I even began juicing and using smoothies as a way to take in even more. And this year, I have chosen to eliminate my addition to processed foods and sugar.

In February, I completed one month of no added sugar, no dairy, and no processed foods. Whew! I can’t believe I attempted it and completed that month. Honestly, the hardest part was the elimination of processed foods. I never realized how much I relied on processed foods for snacks, especially as a vegetarian. A granola bar or protein bar are much easier to find on the shelves of a convenience store when I am on the road, then planning ahead and having healthy snacks on hand. And processed foods only come with chemicals, added sugar and sodium. Since cutting processed foods in February, I am less bloated, have more energy and my clothes fit better than ever before. I am convinced that sugar and processed foods are just as offensive to our health as smoking or alcohol. As a society, we just can’t believe that we are slowly poisoning our bodies with food.

So why do I bring up all this somber talk when I should be blogging about our gorgeous Energy Bites?? Because if I need to enjoy a sweet treat, I would prefer to make it myself and know how to pronounce everything on the ingredient list. These Creamy Fig & Almond Butter Energy Bites are made of dried figs, almond butter, honey, oats and pecans. They are super easy and quick to make and are a perfect pre-workout snack at only 98 calories a pop. When I need something to satisfy my sweet tooth, I pop one of these Energy Bites, and I am good to go!

Energy Bites Recipe