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Chef Humphrey Morbeck is a personal chef and the owner of Elite Wellness Chef Services. His story, however, starts at the Municipal Technical School of Breda, Holland. After acquiring his degree, Chef Morbeck would continue his education into specialized diets while working at the Residentie Molenwijck, an upscale retirement home. Here he excelled at addressing individual tastes and needs for the very particular residents of Molenjwick. Yet, Chef Morbeck felt unfulfilled, and that he had more to offer to the world. With a bittersweet goodbye, Chef Morbeck came to sunny Southern California.


Upon arriving in CA, Chef Morbeck found a job in the city working as a line cook in an Italian restaurant. From these humble beginnings in a new country, his remarkable talent and charisma would bring him into the company of A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and prestigious restauranteurs like Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Soon Chef Morbeck’s name was being whispered among Hollywood’s elite and soon Elite Wellness Chef Services was born.



Today, Elite Wellness Chef Services seeks to provide a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle to clients through balanced, nutritious meals that are made from high-quality, organic ingredients. Chef Morbeck includes the tastes and techniques taught by the masters of the culinary world into the preparation of all his meals. His client roster includes A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and other prestigious clients.

Our society is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of people who suffer from complex, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. 

But with the way I prepare our foods its with Care for my Clients in mind

  1. Be a food detective. Stick with food that came from the earth, not from a factory. Cut out food with additives. Even better, skip foods in a box altogether and stick with unprocessed food without a label! 

  2. Follow the 90/10 principle. It is what you do 80-90% of the time that will have the greatest impact on your health. Instead of following a strict “diet,” adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits while allowing for some flexibility so that you enjoy occasional treats with a relaxed, non-judgmental attitude. 

  3. Quality, not quantity, to avoid interference. A lot of illness is caused by processed food-like products that interfere with the body’s metabolism and ability to function properly. There is so much focus on “calories in vs. calories out,” but the human body doesn’t work like that. Pay less attention to calories and more attention to the quality of your food. 

  4. True hunger: become acquainted. People are so used to having non-stop access to food, they rarely feel true hunger! It’s important to know what true hunger feels like, the growling of your stomach, as a sign that your body is physically ready for food rather than a false trigger such as emotions. Take a moment to recognize this feeling when it happens and let yourself feel it! Then, consciously decide what to eat. 

  5. Other pleasures. If you have no other pleasures in life, food can easily take over and you can get too entangled in self-image. Obsessively Thinking about food may actually not be about the food at all! Instead, it may be about how you see yourself. Take time to identify the things you enjoy outside of food and carve out the time and space for these regularly! Think of them as another way to “feed” your body and feel nourished.



We thank you so much for sharing your talents with us, our family, and friends.” G.R. & I.G.R.

“Humphrey, I’ve seen the pictures from our beautiful fantasy garden party. Now I know it was real. That day everything was so perfect I thought it was a dream. Everything you did, helped to make it so. The menu was perfect and so delicious. Your gracious spirit and attitude, work ethic made everyone who met you so comfortable. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do with such style. You are a class act!” – Oprah Winfrey

“Humphrey is the consummate professional – a perfectionist in all the best ways. His food is delicious and beautifully presented; he discusses menu choices with authority and can suggest alternatives when necessary; his pricing is very fair; and, perhaps most importantly, he goes out of his way to make sure you are comfortable and pleased.” – Mellissa K.

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